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M&M's Place

The chocolate is out there!

18 January 1986
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I'm the oldest daughter of a crazy mother, a product of brazilian's natural happiness mixed with my dark and twisted personality. lol

I like to sing, dance and I talk way too much sometimes while others I say less than I should. I'm reserved, but not shy when you get to know me. I try to be optimistic, but I was born with way too little faith for that.

I would like to believe I'm a good human being, but I'm quite sure I'm not, at least not all the time. lol. I love sharp humor and sarcasm and I enjoy good conversations.

I'm weird most of the time, especially when I'm on a good mood.

I love the rain, good books and coffee.

And I'm happy. Most of the times, anyway.. and who isn't a little bitter somedays? lol

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